I like drinking Lipton Tea and seeing Echi picture, illustration.

I like all things of Korea like clothes, movies & dramas, people,  picture  & drawing, music..OMG, everything!!!

Mình lập blog này , để viết được tất cả những gì mình thích , mình nghĩ, và mình muốn chia sẻ với các bạn

I make  this blog to write everything i like , i think, and i want to share with all of you, guys!

Now, i am a 4th year student at Dai Nam University’s English Faculity but i like to go to Korean to work  and travel 😀 because it has many things i like .
I am adorable Big Bang and 2ne1

I like taking photo and fashion

Haha this is me 😀

Signed: Echi.tea:X 


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